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Split, the second largest city in Croatia, is an important cultural, tourist, industrial, commercial, and especially sports center of Dalmatia. The port of Split, situated at an exceptionally favourable geographic position on the Mediterranean, is one of the most important centers of local and international maritime traffic. With its annual turnover of three million passengers and half a million vehicles, the port of Split is in this regard the third port on the Mediterranean (after Naples and Piraeus). Because of its unique historical heritage and its 1700 years of tradition, the city and port of Split have become an unavoidable destination of vessels which cruise in the Mediterranean.
Split harbor is located in the centre of the Adriatic coast, in a strategic position for shipping traffics. From Split, You can take A1 motorway in order to reach directly Rijeka/ Zagreb (North) or Dubrovnik (South).

Distances from the most important cities:


PORT: Open 24 hours.
Position: 43∞ 29' 6 N 16∞ 26' E
Depth: 40 m
Distance from shore: 0,5 NM SE off the South port breakwater. Good holding ground. Exposed to NE/SE. Use of ship's own tenders allowed, no levy payable. Local launches available. Approx 10-11 minutes for landing. Landing stage at Sv Duje Pier. The height of the quay above MWL is 0.50mtr. Safe for night use. Three tenders ashore at same time. Distance to the City's centre is 700mtr.
Sv Duje Quay - L 465mtr / D 6 to 9 mtr., Sv Petra Quay - L 350mtr / D 4 to 7 mtr.
The breakwater's inner end - L 230 / D 9 to 9.5 mtr. Equiped with rubber fenders. The height of the pier above MLW is 1mtr. Max difference between low and high tide is 0.50mtr. Port side alongside. Sea berth marked by a light buoy situated 1 mile SE of the entrance to South harbour.
Split radio on VHF 16 (24 hours)
Port Operation Centre on VHF 9 (24 hours)
Pilot on VHF 12 (06:00 - 20:00 hours)
Harbour Master's Office on VHF channel 10 and VHF channel 16 (24 hours)
Tugs on VHF 14 (24 hours)

POC is an entity which controls maritime traffic in the area under the Split Port Authority
VHF link: channel 09
Working time: 00.00 - 24:00 hours
Notice of ETA at anchorage or at the place where the pilot will board the vessel, not later than 2 hours before the vessel's arrival

Contact address:
Lucki operativni centar (Port Operation Centre)
St.Duje's Pier 1, 21000 Split
Tel./fax: 021/338-262

Mandatory for vessels over 500 GT
VHF link: channel 12
Working time: 00:00-24:00 hours
Boarding place of pilot: 0,5 NM off the breakwater (43∞ 29' 6 N 16∞ 26' E) (at the request of the master the pilot can be taken SW of the lighthouse at the headland Ražanj, at an approximate position of 43∞19' N, 16∞25'0 E )
The ship's master shall confirm ETA at the place where the pilot will board the vessel, not later than 2 hours before the vessel's arrival. The pilotage service forwards to the mooring service the vessel's time of arrival and its time of departure.

Contact address:
Split Pilot d.d.
St.Duje's Pier 1, 21000 Split
Tel./fax: 021/338-320

South Harbour is entered directly from deep water. From south entrance lead through "Splitska Vrata", from east through "Bracki Kanal", from west through "Soltanski Kanal". No strong currents. The bora is rather strong, the sirocco causes waves on the W coast only; the southerlies and south-westerlies cause an unpleasant swell and the flooding of the N sea-wall.

VHF link: channel 12
Working time: 00:00 - 24:00 hours
The bora is rather strong, the sirocco causes waves on the W coast only; the southerlies and south-westerlies cause an unpleasant swell and the flooding of the N sea-wall.

Contact address:
Trajektna luka Split (ferry-boat port Split) d.d.
St. Duje's Pier 1, 21000 Split
Tel.: 021/340-930
Fax: 021/338-315

Is not mandatory
VHF link: channel 14
Working time: 00:00-24:00 hours
The use of tugs should be notified 3 hours in advance, and cancelled 1 hour in advance

Contact address:
Brodospas d.d.
Obala Lazareta (Lazaretto Quay) 1, 21000 Split
Tel.: + 385(0)21345 700
Fax: + 385(0)21344 368

Split Town Port
For passenger vessel's and ferries, located in Split Center.
Sv. Nikola Quay and Obala Lazareta: total length of 230 m with depth of 3-5 m. alongside.
Sv. Petar Pier 160 m. depth 4-7 m.
Sv. Duje Pier 240 m. depth 6-8 m. The quay between these two piers has a length of 160 m. and depth of 4 m. alongside.
The Breakwater has a inner quay with 3 berths ( length 101 m. depth 6.5 m.; 175 m. 7.5 m; 131 m. 8.2 m. )


Important numbers:
Fire Brigade 93
Ambulance 94
Info phone 988
Emergency 112

ISPS Safety protection of the port
In accordance with international conventions special attention is paid to the safety of the port area open to international traffic. Special safety measures and protocols have been introduced in accordance with the Plan for safety protection of the port. The Split Port Authority was the first in Croatia to carry out a general simulation exercise of the state of emergency in the city port of Split.

On 18th of August 2006 the Statement of compliance of a port facility was checked and approved, which is issued pursuant to the provisions of the Law on safety protection of commercial vessels and ports open to international traffic of the Republic of Croatia, and pursuant to the provisions of Part B of the International Regulations on the safety of vessels and port areas (ISPS Regulations), whereby it is confirmed that the port operates in conformity with the relevant provisions of chapter XI-2 of the SOLAS Convention and of Part A of the ISPS Regulations.

Since the beginning of 2006 the port has been applying the Regulations concerning the specification of class and quantity of dangerous substances which could be handled in the port, resp. with which a vessel can enter the port, and the areas in the port of Split where these substances could be handled. The Regulations have been in force since 17th of December 2005.


Port operation centre
St.Domnius' Pier 1 21000 Split
Tel/fax:+385 (0)21 338 262

PFSO Split Port Authority Josip Bulicic
Tel.:+385 21 390 225
Fax: +385 21 390 256

Inspector of dangerous cargoes mr. Denis Stanic
Tel.:+385 21 390 225
Fax: +385 21 390 256

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